About The Shaded Lantern

Jeff_OG and BabyKey are pleased to welcome you to The Shaded Lantern.  

The Shaded Lantern is a private house party and event center catering to the lifestyle community.  We regularly host lifestyle parties and provide the space to various groups to hold their private events at our venue.  

The Victorian style two-story home is perfect for parties, providing ample space to move around and mingle without ever really feeling too crowded. We have three king-size bedrooms set up for play areas, as well as a separate area in the garage including 4 more play areas.  We also have a dungeon room complete with spanking horse, sex swing, massage table, and St. Andrews Cross.

Reserve The Shaded Lantern

If you would like to host your private party at The Shaded Lantern, you can get information, see available dates, and Reserve the Shaded Lantern here.

What Do I Need To Bring?

  • We provide condoms, lube, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and mints next to all play areas.  We may not have every size, or type of condom, so it is customary to bring your own for what you need.  
  • We are BYOB.  There is absolutely no liquor served by the house.  Many events have bartenders that will store your liquor for you and assist you when you need it.
  • Squirters bring your pads if you know you require them.

House Rules

While The Shaded Lantern isn’t like your typical house and may seem like it’s just for parties, it is our home.  Please, be respectful to the property and treat it as you would have guests in your own home.

  • All play room doors must remain open at all times.  We do this for two reasons.  First, because of safety.  We want everyone to feel safe at our parties and often a closed door can lead to some uncompromising and uncomfortable situations we want to avoid.  Secondly, because a closed door is boring.  We’ve been to house parties where the door is shut and it changes the mood of the whole party.  This is a house party, and whether you play or just want to watch, we want everyone to have a good time.  An open door does NOT however mean the persons who are in that room are inviting you to play with them.
  • Absolutely NO LOCKED DOORS are permitted.  You are not allowed, under any circumstances, to lock or barricade a bedroom door.  Doing so will gain the attention of Security.
  • Do not touch anyone unless given permission.  This is normal swinger etiquette, but it must be stated.  There are many swingers who don’t mind, but there also many that DO!  Don’t invite yourself to participate with someone else unless he or she has let you know it is ok.  Alert a host if someone continues to violate your space without your permission.  Violation of this rule could get you kicked out of the party.
  • Please don’t adjust lights, thermostat, blinds, candles, etc. without talking to a host.  We purposely set the lighting low and intimate in the play areas to give enough light to play, but not be completely in the dark.  Again, this is to support the party atmosphere we aim to create.  Blinds, candles, temperature are all set in advance to create the necessary ambience that appeals to the majority of the party goers.  Please ask before you change anything.
  • Please arrive and leave in the appropriate attire.  Another common sense rule, but please do not show up or leave the house not fully dressed.  While we don’t have neighbors directly on top of us, we are still on a public highway.  Make sure you are covered up when you are outside in front of the property.
  • Disrespect of other party guests will not be tolerated.  This a non-judgmental atmosphere where people of all shapes, sizes, race, and sexual orientation can gather without fear of what others think.  Please respect everyone’s style of play regardless whether it conforms to your own.  Disrespect of other party guests will not be tolerated and can get you kicked out of the party and banned from future events.
  • Please refresh the sheets when appropriate.  Fresh, clean sheets will be provided in all play areas.  Please put down sheets over the wet sheets before you play and place the sheets in the basket when you are done. DO NOT remove the wet sheets for any reason.  Also, you may play on the couches, or anywhere else you can find, but please put sheets under you if you do.
  • If you are a squirter.  If you KNOW you are a squirter, it is YOUR responsibility to be courteous to others and put down extra padding.  Often we will have wet pads set out for you..  However, we recommend you bring your own wet pads if you know you will need them.  Otherwise, use towels, more sheets, etc. to protect the play area for the next guests.  Please do not drown the beds and make them unsuitable for others.   This is a major party foul.
  • If there is a scene in the dungeon, please be respectful.  Please do not disturb the scene and affect someone’s enjoyment of the total immersion they’re having.  Refrain from talking and do not attempt to get involved if you are not invited to participate.  
  • No smoking indoors.  Our designated smoking areas are in the garage and on the patio.  Cigarette smoking is only permitted outside.  Vaping, hookahs, and other devices can be smoked indoors, however, this depends on the party host’s specific rules and is not a house rule.
  • Please treat the house with respect.  If there is something wrong, alert a host.  Don’t ignore things about the house that need to be brought to our attention.  For example, if the toilet overflows, alert the host.  If something gets damaged, alert the host.
  • Please do not use the play areas to just hang out and have conversations.  This is very disruptive to people playing.  We allow watching in all play areas, but please be respectful and don’t annoy whomever is playing.
  • You are expected to follow swinger etiquette.  If this is your first party, educate yourself on what is typically expected at a house party.  https://www.google.com/search?q=swinger+party+etiquetteh

Address and Directions

  • The address of The Shaded Lantern is:

13872 Farm to Market 548, Forney, Texas

    From Mesquite
    • Exit 548 in Forney
    • Go under the overpass and continue North
    • You will pass the Wal-Mart and AMC Theaters on your Right
    • The Shaded Lantern is just past the 7-11 on your Right.  It is the first house.
    • There is a giant communications tower directly behind the house. You can’t miss it. 
    From Terrell
    • Exit 548 in Forney
    • Take a Right at the light and continue North
    • You will pass the Wal-Mart and AMC Theaters on your Right
    • The Shaded Lantern is just past the 7-11 on your Right.  It is the first house.
    • There is a giant communications tower directly behind the house. You can’t miss it.


    Primary parking for The Shaded Lantern is directly behind the property.   Slow down, it will be dark, then carefully turn into the driveway off of 548 and continue down the drive.  Follow the lights along the fence to the parking area.  If there are parking attendants, pull up so that they may direct you where to park.

    We have the capacity for 10-15 cars along the driveway on your left along the tree line.  Park like you would at Wal-Mart.  Please be courteous and leave space for other vehicles.  In the main parking, area, park in rows. One row along the fence, then two rows back-to-back further into the field.  We can easily accommodate at least 100 cars here.


    Always check the weather before parking at The Shaded Lantern.  Use common sense and do not park on grass when it’s raining, or if it is going to rain before you leave.  People get their vehicles stuck all the time when it rains.  If it rains, we insist you park on Whaley Dr. in the overflow parking and walk to The Shaded Lantern through the Pemrose parking lot.  There is a foot bridge between Pemrose and the The Shaded Lantern.

    We are not responsible for your vehicle if you get stuck in the mud.

    Park only in the designated areas.  Never park in the streets and private lots highlighted on the below map in RED.

    DO NOT park in private parking areas including the church across the street, or any businesses along 548.  

    DO NOT park in the Pemrose School parking lot. 

    DO NOT block fire hydrants or driveways when parking on the street- you will be towed


    Guests come from all over the country to events held at The Shaded Lantern.  The closest hotels are in Forney, TX.  We recommend: